Kinahan’s Merlot Cask Spec.Release Project #18



This exceptional 12 year old Merlot cask whiskey with an unusual rose glow, has spent the first 8 years of its maturation in first fill ex-bourbon white American oak casks and was matured for additional 4 years in the famous French Merlot wine barrels.

Limited to only 300 bottles per release, this is a rare and unconventional single malt whiskey bottled at cask strength with no chill filtration and only natural colour. 

The profile will reveal a very gentle and floral flavours with hints of grape, apple, green pair and mild liquorish.

Tasting Notes:
NOSE: Floral & fruity, a hint of apricot, red apple & Victoria plum.
PALATE: Smooth, gentle, dry oily honey, oaky vanilla with hints of grape, apple & green pear.
COLOUR: Natural. Bullion gold with a rose glow.

47%alc, Irish malt whiskey

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Kinahans Irish whiskeys are made in wooden casks, which develop and complete all the complex flavours. By law the new-make spirit requires to be matured in wood for at least three years for it to qualify as Irish whiskey.

Kinahans whiskey making will often defy long-held stereotypes. An older whiskey is not always the better whiskey and age doesn’t necessarily contribute to maturity of flavour. Much more important is understanding the effect of wood, the way it is treated, how it will interact with the spirit, and how that will change over time, whether its 3 or 25 years. Get the right combination, and you will have a delicious, well balanced whiskey.

Since its foundation in 1779, at Kinahans pioneering in selection and use of wood is by far the key focus and the main gateway to what make Kinahans a great and unique whiskey for generations.