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Lheraud Cognac du Temps


The Lheraud Art du Temps Cognac is something truly special!  This limited edition blend of only the best quality eaux-de-vie has created an extremely well rounded Cognac, with aromas of vanilla and creme blurred, and a citrus fruit finish with tones of orange marmalade.

This special Cognac has been lovingly created in the tradition manner of this family run house, with the knowledge of the founders being taught and handed down over the generations.  The Cognac has been carefully aged and allowed to mature over the years, and the end result is the slightly over-proof (44%) delight that will bring joy to even the most particular of palates.

An ideal gift for the Cognac connoisseur – Art du Temps is presented in stunning decanter and wooden box.  

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Lheraud heeft 55 hectaren wijngaard in de Petite Champagne en produceerd daarom ook vrijwel alleen Petite Champagne Cognacs.
Lheraud werkt met nieuw-eikenhout en dat is bij deze cognac duidelijk te proeven aan de wat houterige smaak en de intensiteit en diepgang. Lheraud maakt overigens geen gebruik van Boise (houtsnippers), karamel of siroop. Puur natuur dus!

“The family Lheraud have been involved in winemaking and cognac production for hundreds of years, but it was only in 1970 that exportation and promotion really began in earnest. Now producing not only cognac, but Pineau des Charentes and Armagnac as well, Lheraud exports its wares worldwide – and continues to expand into more countries on a yearly basis. Today’s owners – Andrée and Guy Lheraud – concentrate on producing Cognac Lheraud strictly on a traditional basis, and continue to work tirelessly to introduce their products to more countries and communities throughout the world.”