Signal Hill Whisky


Crafted from the finest Canadian corn and barley, and blended with the pristine waters of Newfoundland, Canada. Why does our whisky taste so good? We preserve its multiple layers of flavour through non-chill filtering, resulting in a more authentic whisky. We want you to enjoy our whisky as it was intended.

Een smaakrijke en intense whisky, door het non-chill filtered proces. Vol van smaak: honing, vanille, tutti frutty en zachte kruidigheid. Gerst en mais in het distillaat, gerijpt op nieuwe eiken vaten en op gebruikte bourbon vaten, voor de balans en smaakrijkdom!

40%alc, Newfoundland, Canada 700ml

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Signal Hill holds a place in our collective histories, from Cape Town to Kowloon, California to Newfoundland. It is where ships were given safe passage into harbours. It is where fires were lit to signal between villages. It is where the world’s first transatlantic wireless signal was received in Morse Code, and the place of the first non-stop transatlantic flight carrying airmail. It is these historical embodiments of connection and communication that inspire the makings of our whisky.

De whisky wordt geproduceerd door Rock Spirits, een Crown Corporation distilleerderij. Dit betekend dat de productie onder controle van de staat Newfoundland staat, en dus gegarandeerd en gecontroleerde kwaliteit levert!