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Slyrs Single Malt Whisky Pedro Ximénez Cask


Liquid Gold from SLYRSee

Mighty peaks, extensive fir forests and crystal-clear streams that flow into pristine mountain lakes: Here, on Lake Schliersee, is SLYRS at home. Our unique nature is in every single drop SLYRS. Bundled with Bavarian pioneering spirit, the highest art of distillation and a large portion of passion became ours SLYRS to what he is today: a genuine Bavarian. A drop of liquid gold from lake SLYRSee In short: one from here.

46% alc, Beieren, Duitsland

Volle krachtige smaken die horen bij een PX finish. Gedroogde rozijnen, pruimen, bessen en caramel. Snoepje van de week!